Things My Dad Never Taught Me

Father’s day is just around the corner. A time to say thanks to our Dad’s and hopefully we can get an “I love you” in there. It reminds me of something I’ve been thinking about for a number of years.

We definitely live in a messed up world. Lots of reasons/excuses for people’s bad behavior. Some point to their upbringing as the source of their troubles. I know there is some truth to that. I think there is generally an absence of the personal responsibility for their own actions. At some point we must stop pointing our finger at the people around us, and own up to the fact that it is “I” that made these choices.

That being said, our parents do have a tremendous influence on our lives. And in that light, here’s a new way of looking at my own Dad’s influence on my life. These are some of the things my Dad never taught me.

My Dad never taught me … 

… to Litter.
“Always leave it cleaner than you found it” is what he always says. I’ve never seen him drop a piece of trash. If he can’t find a trash can, he will put it in his pocket till he finds one.

… to waste money.
Making the most with what you have. Many a time I’ve seen my Dad spend an extra minute or two on a construction project straightening a bent nail that most others would have thrown out.

… to cuss.
I’m not saying Dad never get’s mad. I’m sure He does (Though I haven’t seen it many times). But he uses words to express himself. Words that have meaning. Not rude, “filler” words that serve no purpose but to shock and offend.

… to go to church only when I feel like it.
He stay’s loyal and supportive of the people he’s called to serve with. It’s important to be a part of your local church. You need them, and they need you, whether you feel like it or not. The bottom line is we need each other. You can’t serve them and they can’t serve you if you’re not there.

… to think of myself first.
He is always doing for others.  I see this modeled everyday in Dad’s life. I see it in his relationship with friends, strangers, family and with Mom. Do for other’s is what comes naturally for Dad.

Dad, thanks for showing me what to do … and what NOT to do. I love you.


Clyde Napier


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