Feeding the Fed

Marijo wrote a post today “Who are you hanging with?”. It got me thinking about something that’s been rolling around in my head.

So much of our efforts as believers is spent on “ministering” to other believers. Don’t get me wrong. That’s definitely a part of what we should be doing … encouraging, exhorting, building each other up.

But sometimes I get a picture in my head of thousands of hungry people. Hungry for the love that only God will fill. We are given the message, but rather than feeding the hungry, we spend countless hours preparing gourmet meals for overweight believers. The “fed” like their food a certain way. Not too hot, seasoned just right, surely no left overs! The “fed” don’t like change! The “fed” like their favorite songs, sung in the style they like. They want preaching that make them feel good … you get the idea.

No one ignores the “hungry” on purpose. We just get busy. We focus on what we like, and before we know it we are spending a lot of our energy and time on things that really don’t matter.



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