Now Trending … The “Talk-Over”

Ok, here’s where I get on a soapbox.


I first noticed it on some podcasts that I listen to. Now I’m hearing it more and more on broadcast news and talk shows. It perfectly reflects how our culture has changed over the last 20 years.

I think I may have learned this in kindergarden, “When you have a conversation with someone, one person speaks at a time.” It’s really a simple rule, but one that has been all but forgotten.

It’s common for everyone to blast away all the time. It amazes me how 4 or 5 people all talking at once think that anyone hears or cares what the others are saying. It’s ineffective communication, and what’s more, it’s plain rude.

What are you saying when you interrupt/talk-over someone? It says my ideas are more important than yours. Your ideas can wait. This conversation is about me and what I have to say. It basically diminishes the other person.

We’ve all done it, myself included. I challenge you (and me). Let’s use our manners, by allowing  the other person to finish. We’ll eventually see that our conversations are richer when we yield to the other person.

[sigh] … your turn.


One Comment

  1. Hmmm… I’m feeling convicted. I’ve been doing this too much on conference calls at work. When someone starts down an incorrect path, we have so little time in the meetings, I don’t feel like waiting for them to finish their incorrect statements. So, I jump in on top of them. Is this me being impatient? Not giving them their say? There might have been some meaningful parts of what they were going to say if I let them… Lord, please guide me to give each and every person their say without me talking over them. Amen.


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